Penis Leggings
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Dutch fashion designer Bas Kosters has developed these totally NSFW leggings featuring an all over penis print. The leggings, named "Is that a cock on your leg?", are available for both men and women and, should you for some reason want to wear them (good ice breaker?), will set you back 75.


oh my..
annie Posted 25 months ago -20
I love it !
I love it ! Posted 25 months ago -10
they are actually kinda pretty...
delfin Posted 25 months ago -8
And when you gently caress it it turns into an overall.
Florian Posted 25 months ago 11
Is that the new Red Sox uniform?
ed Posted 25 months ago 14
this is FOUL
pouss Posted 25 months ago -6
Bit of a let down - you'd have to be really close to see it was cock! I imagined 3D!
CaterpillarSam Posted 25 months ago 7
i was hoping for leggings for my penis, but i guess this is cool too
i Posted 25 months ago -27
j Posted 24 months ago -13
At lease you no one would notice if you guys ripped your pants.
BH Posted 24 months ago 13
OMFG! I love leggings AND I love a good penis. Perfect ❤️ It!
Penny Pincher Posted 3 months ago -2
I love crazy leggings ... Hmm I want them
Julia Posted 2 weeks ago 2